Maimed hearts


these poems were published in Tuck Magazine

 Maimed hearts  

Certainly I ‘m not blind to the distress in your eyes

And the unshed tears conglomerating as school of herons

Somewhere in the head

Even as your heart was shredded and hacked

Severing the engine of living to potshards

As you wilted and shrunk I am not blind

Sapping you of love’s core, as the opals of the superb lotus were chopped

Before they had a prospect to blow, diffusing pink petals in the sun

But I never heaved the machete –

For I too sunk at the pierce

Ripping and undoing the bond of our love

We sought for the murderer –

and you know he disappeared out of sight –

on a looting errand to kill as a thief in the sunrise

of our loves budding-

the same  stings we nurse and the wound is hidden,

in the pupils where the unshed tears repudiate to rivulet

uncertain if we’ll ever find another heart reigniting a strained love

,raising you up from the grave

Forever searching for that elusive murderer

Forever hunting for the intruder that battered our love

Stealing and maiming in the dark of the night

Down here I swear I’m watchful dear.




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