If I had been Ant..

these poems had been published in Kalahari Review

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If I had been Ant..

I feel hot as fired-lead

Melting as bee honey-combs

Pattering and pattering on slabs of fired-flints

Smoldering and smoldering as dry hedges in hammatan blaze

Straying and straying faraway in a forest of forlorn                           5

Wishing among tweeting cicadas

Chirping hummingbirds and squeaking nightingales

I had been;

Ant with just lofty hills to build and picket,

Loony roving through elks and ermines in revolting nakedness,                       10

Elm tree blooming wherever as roses,

Bars of coquina bolstering a planet’s crust somewhere in the space,


My heart…this a frail you

Cleaved to shards of obsidian slates

Would have long baked and corroded                                      15

In dreams unborn oblivious of us

Our crosses, our walls

Our parental bellyaches

Our voyages, our hives

Our tears ,our scratches                                                    20

Our affinities, our kisses

Our caresses, our nuzzles

Our sweats, our bites

Our whispers in the boondocks;

                                                             Forever for worst                                                       25

Forever together in this dungeon of worms

True love fears no fears

Parents consent or not we’d be one till death,

You running away and living me

To bleed as bruises                                           30

My screams;

Love lies and bakes hearts to crisp.


              Voice from the wilderness

Me with no qualms may be taken a cockamamie, an asinine recluse for this idiocy

But truth be told these poem I write from cemetery

Never yell ‘odd’ ‘ha’ ‘wow’ as I write I cry

Round me guy

Willow tree tangles hang bats with beaks long as busby

Herbaceous grasses cold with slush sleep me and my family

Heads aching with bomb booms placed on pavements cloudy

Baby B cries now, my wife squeezes its mouth with pinky

So the cry

Not call the boko haram terrorists flying bombers in the starry sky

God, sho! You stay

And stare in the sky

As I rot for being a Christian in Northern Nigeria and in Kano an igbo cabby

Africa, I loathe you with fury

For failing to fort your sons with , against the foes, a cruel brutality

Nigeria, a crab I tag you and the government for overly

Going mute, over the Chibok girls kidnapped, as bailey

On my cheek now a mosquito bites, I clap my face swollen with bloats overtly

I recalled how we got here, me and my family harvested in the field of barley

Laughing and joking as family

Singing with convivial jollity

Then men on hood as Ninja men I watched in the TV

Came with bazookas slivery

As the sun’s sky

With my family I ran with bay

My son, last son out of abrupt fear-born apoplexy

Stood motionless as balcony

Boom! Boom! Boom! And gone away to afterlife is my boy

I forlornly scuttled through  the woods with the remnant of my family

Here in this cemetery

I and my family

Squirted now for three nights so noisy

Weeping, angry and hungry

I write to the world, save from starvation me and my family                                         (35 lines)





Come let’s stay here and melt away…

From that cold of loneliness

Come by lets melt away

Up the valley of love

As we had before

You left for Kumasi

These years I yarned for your songs with

Dints of your heart

Come by to this ancient fire

Built when we were yet nascent in the art of loving

Before you left for Kumasi

Where more loves hover in the dyed skies.





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